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We create fully immersive 3D environments developed from architectural plans for virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift | HTC Vive | Samsung Gear VR. Experiences allow a sense of scale that flat blueprints or 2D images simply cannot provide. Avoid costly post-build alterations with a thorough rendering highlighting the details of a project. Virtual reality is a faster, cheaper, and more refined alternative that is easy to share in the mockup room.

Why Us ?

Providing creative media solutions since 2001, 212 provides diverse skills from a talented team of architects, 3D artists, and filmmakers. We meet all the needs and expectations of our clients, whether architects, interior designer, real estate agency, developer, advertiser, film director, or producer.

Our goal is to create stunning imagery with respect to lights, materials, and any other architectural feature to celebrate the strengths of an idea. We always find new and creative solutions to illustrate ideas in fresh, innovative ways such as virtual reality and interactive walkthrough applications via a game engine.

An in-house team streamlines the production process with no risk of time zone difference or miscommunication between us and our clients.



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